Perfect Companion 

She walked a million miles alone 

Sad and lonely she thought about her failed affairs, filled with lies and men full of cologne. 

It’s pointless to even think about it, she shuddered and blocked the thoughts. 

Thought that poisoned her mind and made her shiver with the lessons that it taught. 

“Will I find a companion?,” She gave a big sigh out loud. But oh dear! she thought, “What if it fails again like a Grand Canyon!”

She wanted someone, oh  really maybe anybody! 

 She wanted to chitter-chatter and take care of somebody. 

“No wait” she thought. “I’m really choosy and I wanted certain qualities in a mate. A man with a shining heart and a head above his shoulders very bright like a heaven’s gate.” 

“I want him to love and care for people too! I want him to be humble and loving the higher power of spiritual energy too!,” She chimed. 

Daydreaming again. Daydream so strong 

People told her that her dreams were very wrong. 

Indeed she was wrong because she has learnt her lessons very well 

But what’s the harm in thinking? Let her dwell! 

Dreamers are allowed to dream aren’t they?  So let them be. Let them dream of a romantic fairytale. So let them dream of a realistic fairytale.

Her dreams weren’t so wrong. She dreamed of realism. Did she want a man too romantic? Oh no. Oh no. 

Did she want a man with a lot of money? Oh no. Oh no. She didn’t want that kind of a honey!

She wanted a fairytale. Love and synergism? Oh yes. Oh yes. 

But a realistic fairytale. A tale that can be real enough to live and survive. A tale that is a dream to her due to her broken family and broken past. 

People with broken past often have small real wishes that they wish to realise and hope to last. 

 That is their world of dream. So let her dream. Let her dwell. It wasn’t so bad. It was her dream. She slept soundly and chanted :

“The world of dreams is  always yours. It’s yours. It’s yours. It’s yours.”


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