Review : Fashion Show – Spring collection 2017 

There is something about the way the models walk down the aisle. It is graceful, sultry and sexy. They walk exactly like the way women walked during the Victorian era in public. But let’s mot forget to mention the hardcore diets that they have to do in order to maintain their bodies. Life should be more about being comfortable in your own skin and following a healthy diet instead. PS : The models look really stunning tonight though! I honestly loved the spring fashion collection of dresses. It honestly gives me an idea about trying changes in my fashion statement too so yes for the clothes but no for the pressure on the models for maintaining their body through unhealthy measures. 


Thoughts : Manicure and Contradiction?

I’m a contradiction of sophistication and simplicity. I will wear a four dollar shoes and may even scurry around with my feet bare basking in the sand; feeling the wave of the water of the beach but I’m still an impressionable woman that likes to get her nails done and wears makeup whenever possible.

 I am your beautiful walking contradiction. 

Thoughts :  Nail art 

“If you are artistic enough, you can even make your nails transform into a piece of art. If not then just like any other privileged woman, you will hire others to make your nails look glamorous. It is also funny when these privileged people shun all the forms of art and call it ‘silly’ or even ‘baseless’ sometimes.”