The year of 2017 : If you have money, you have respect. 

Note : This note may have one or more grammatical errors as it’s a free flow writing of thoughts of the current moment.

To my readers, 

I should  tell you about what happened with me today (Friday the 6th of October -2017) 

So, basically I was at the traffic signal – minding my own business. There was a car behind me —some lady in her landcruiser was ‘peeping’ me a lot. 

I didn’t know what to do – She wanted to go to the right side of the road and take the exit, I moved a little bit but I COULDN’T move anymore as —THERE WAS A TRUCK IN FRONT OF ME.

So I just waited and after the signals turned green – this woman HAD THE AUDACITY TO roll down the windows of the car and call me ‘stupid’ 
People are insane…Especially those rich folks with expensive cars….
Wow…Really wow…

 I was just bewildered with what I experienced. 

I’ve a nissan micra car —if I had a fancy car, this wouldn’t have happened. Trust me.

Because I’ve driven expensive cars too and I’ve experienced nothing but a lot of stares and respect. Haha! Materialistic world, eh?


Short suggestion on Empowerment using the F Word.

Note : The Photo used for this short post is taken from the web
So this is my tip on How to motivate yourself using the hood/ vulgar/ unlady-like language (especially if you’re down)
You basically talk yourself out of that negative energy by repeating the following quote as mentioned below :
“YOU are strong. YOU are not weak. YOU ARE *insert your name* the fucking *insert your surname*”F word
Let me give you a demonstration
For example :- 

“YOU ARE strong. YOU are not weak. YOU are Insha the fucking ARABI!” (this is using my name) 
Go ahead. Try it, you will feel super empowered with crazy visions like being the president of the planet Mars.

Don’t ever go grocery shopping with Me! 

So I’ve been Annoying my family while grocery shopping. I said I wanted 4 jars of cat and dog food as I want to feed the strays. They got mad at me and said we don’t even have pets or Stray animals in the area where we live in. Let alone dogs. I said I will find them then. Needless to say, They want me out of the supermarket because I’m being too loud. Haha! 

Absurdity while shopping for groceries. I hate grocery shopping

Coffee Blog : We can make it for you! 

Good Food : Coffee & Bakery Outlet

“I had the funniest encounter here. I asked one of the customer serving agent whether they served a classic americano as it wasn’t on the menu. He got so curious and he asked me,’we have all the coffee blends. What is americano!’

 I laughed and I stated, ‘black coffee’ and then he looked at me with some shock, scratching his head and then perhaps out of the same genuine amusement rechecked the menu, realized I was right and then made eye contact with a smile, ‘well, we don’t have it on our menu but we can make it for you.’ Needless to say, it was a funny conversation and I loved the coffee. Fresh and energizing!”