Thought: Inhale confidence 

Scoops of Strength

There are times where i begin underestimating my potentials and unconsciously it starts to interfere in attaining my goals. That is when I re-evaluate myself and question as to why i wanted to bring change in my life. You were not born to be perfect but that shouldn’t make you doubt yourself. Self-confidence is the most beautiful and radiating trait and every woman should own it. Believe and love yourself! ✨

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Review – Roberto Cacciaplagia : Wild Side (Tree of life Show)

I’ve been listening to this amazing composer for sometime now and this short two minutes sequence of the music that has an exponential rise in the music is so energetic! It makes me feel like i am chasing away my nightmares with this immense strength that is subliminally hidden within me and I feel like, I was blissfully unaware of it until now.

Love this track! Do check this melody out by the one and only Roberto Cacciapaglia-a wonderful italian composer!

Coffee Blog : School Days

I was sipping my coffee when I saw some kids entering the coffeeshop, ordering coffee. I glanced at them and realized that these kids are from school by their t-shirts emblemizing their respective schools. They were chattering and complaining about school and the work in school. 

I smirked in my mind’s eye, realizing that the moments spent complaining about tests and studies is no pressure compared to the pressures that one faces in real life. Maybe I am wrong because the answer to this is purely perspective and subjective. Not everyone has the same experience and not everyone has the same stance on every subject. So you may agree with me or disagree with me.

Just like everyone else when they see kids from school, I reminiscence about my school days too. Sometimes in the midst of my work, I go back into my thoughts of my school days. I disliked School because of the girls around me but I did really well at school. Ah, the joy that you attain when you get high grades after working hard in a test. It feels like a reward! Although, real life isn’t so easy. There are people that keep working hard in their jobs and never get a salary raise. There are people that keep working hard in surviving through their financial troubles yet it never seems to cease. I think you should be grateful for the moment. I think you should be grateful for every beautiful moment that life treasures you with because you never know what may come tomorrow. I used to plan a lot back in the day and systematize about the wonderful things that I shall do tomorrow or in a few years time but you know what? It’s pointless.

Planning is good but Planning too much in advance when you aren’t sure about what may come tomorrow is stupid, according to my experience. I think we all should live for the moment because who knows about tomorrow? what may come tomorrow?

My motto in life?

Well, I live my life one day at a time.One day at a time. I plan but I don’t plan way too ahead of what is to come because I don’t know what tomorrow holds for me. I don’t know. I will never know. So One day…One day at a time. 

Coffee Blog : life is short 

I saw this quote on my coffee cup and it made me realise how true the quote is. I know it’s done for promotional and Branding purposes but that quote is so true and real. 

Life is indeed really short. You never know when you breathe your last.

Indeed, life is short and indeed time passes before you even know it so make the most of life. Make the most of beautiful moments and don’t be lazy. Chase your dreams

Quotes : Small Wishes

“I wonder if there are people, if there are people that have a heart…a heart so warm, a heart so sensitive, a heart so fragile, a heart that cares so much that it can’t see anyone’s pain.
Because I’d love to meet them and learn from them… as I know that there are people that are better than me and I want to meet people that are better than me so that I am inspired to be better, to be good and to care more.”

We are not stupid. 

People don’t realise that beneath your happy-go-lucky exterior where you happen to socialise with everyone and make jokes with everyone, there lies a solemn expression of depth. An expression that carefully observes everyone’s behaviour. They know who is good for them and who isn’t and they’re not stupid. They will distance you once they find that you’re toxic to their lives so don’t think they’re dumb. We carry our attitudes underneath. We know pain. We know people. We know love. We know care. 

We just pretend when we see people mocking us, often smiling and letting it go away because we want to maintain peace. You will see that we soon cut you off our lives and you won’t even notice it. 

There is no room for toxicity because we have dealt with it in the past. 

People like me aren’t stupid. We just pretend not to notice.

Don’t ever go grocery shopping with Me! 

So I’ve been Annoying my family while grocery shopping. I said I wanted 4 jars of cat and dog food as I want to feed the strays. They got mad at me and said we don’t even have pets or Stray animals in the area where we live in. Let alone dogs. I said I will find them then. Needless to say, They want me out of the supermarket because I’m being too loud. Haha! 

Absurdity while shopping for groceries. I hate grocery shopping

Coffee Blog : We can make it for you! 

Good Food : Coffee & Bakery Outlet

“I had the funniest encounter here. I asked one of the customer serving agent whether they served a classic americano as it wasn’t on the menu. He got so curious and he asked me,’we have all the coffee blends. What is americano!’

 I laughed and I stated, ‘black coffee’ and then he looked at me with some shock, scratching his head and then perhaps out of the same genuine amusement rechecked the menu, realized I was right and then made eye contact with a smile, ‘well, we don’t have it on our menu but we can make it for you.’ Needless to say, it was a funny conversation and I loved the coffee. Fresh and energizing!”

My Favorite Mandarin Chinese Song : Leehom : In the depths of the Bamboo Forest

I’ve been listening this song for years and I’ve never got tired of this song. It has such a cultural, hip and a dark rhythm. I love the way the composer of this music has tuned in all the rhythms – foreshadowing a cultural tradition associated with the protection of the forest and it also  composes a certain kind of love. A love that never dies. This love isn’t associated with the love that lovers have – but it is termed generally on the subject of love. This music sends me to a certain kind of hypnotic trance and I absolutely love the feeling that this song gives me! 

(It’s how you feel when you dance to techno/techno music in a club. It’s like as if you’re drunk but you’re drunk to the rhythm of the music)

Bamboo Trees are considered sacred in China. They are moreover connected with the strength of a person that grows them too.

“To stand strong, the bamboo grows and develops its root system for 4 long years, so it can support the whole structure and weight above ground when the day comes.” (Sergeyev,A.) 

Basically, it all starts with the love and sacred promise that you are providing the people around you with. The singer of this song is basically asking, “Do you have what it takes to find your answers in the depth of the bamboo forest?” 

OK now that I have concluded my thought, apart from  way I perceived this song : I LOVE the beat of the music and I love dancing to it!