Quotes : Lights,Camera and Action

“Sometimes I lie down thinking about my life and I realize that I am just a reel of film. I am just a reel of film that is going to eventually be burnt down once the reel of my life is over. Try not to mess up your film, it’s the only one you have.”


Ladders of Success are Slippery 

The ladders to success will be hard and slippery. Moreover, you may have to exert a lot of pressure on yourself to reach to the top. The question is : do you have what it takes to reach to the top? The decision is yours, the pen is yours so write your very own wonderful life story through your ink of pain. 

Review : Fashion Show – Spring collection 2017 

There is something about the way the models walk down the aisle. It is graceful, sultry and sexy. They walk exactly like the way women walked during the Victorian era in public. But let’s mot forget to mention the hardcore diets that they have to do in order to maintain their bodies. Life should be more about being comfortable in your own skin and following a healthy diet instead. PS : The models look really stunning tonight though! I honestly loved the spring fashion collection of dresses. It honestly gives me an idea about trying changes in my fashion statement too so yes for the clothes but no for the pressure on the models for maintaining their body through unhealthy measures. 

Thoughts : Persevere and shine! 

“It is easy to get lost, overwhelmed and anxious when you are trying to concentrate on your goals and on your journey. There will be several shadows of defeat, pain and ofcourse jealous/insecure people along with several other distractions around you! Do not go astray! As you walk down your path, remain focused and keep reminding yourself about your goals of life. Keep reminding your good friends and your loved ones about it too. Support and encourage other whenever possible! Only positive people encourage others to remain positive.

Thoughts : Animals and Humans 

“Just like humans, even pigeons take their morning showers. So how can you tell me that humans have a higher privilege than birds or animals that have always been a part of this world? How can you tell me that we are superior to them when we have always been inferior to them? Today we are the reason of global warming, wars and mass destruction of the mankind and the environment as whole.

Storytime : Human Kindness 

“This lady does not even know me in person but she remembers me by the fact that I always come to stop by to buy my coffee every morning when I was at university. She would make my coffee ready before I would even approach the counter, greeting me with a smile stating, ‘I saw you coming so I got the coffee beans brewing for you.’ I was so touched by her act of love and I realize that this is human kindness. I realize that this is a part of human love. I don’t know her. 

She doesn’t know me. We don’t speak the same language. We come from different countries but she was kind enough to brew my coffee every morning, before my approach

Thoughts : Analogy of a caring lover with Sunset 

Nature has its own way of calling and comforting to us humans. Even the sunset has its own way of saying a loving goodbye. For instance ; whenever I see my beautiful sunset, I believe that my sun is signaling to me that it will come back tomorrow. He is speaking to me and tells me that it will not leave me in the dark forever, That’s why my sun is taking a long time to let go off me until tomorrow morning. He knows I’m scared and he worries for me.

Thoughts : Analogy of Fancy Glasswindows

Just like the way we adorn our environment and architectures with beautiful glasses, these beautiful glasses can be damaged easily when there is a storm. This analogy can be compared with the storms that we conquer in our life, thus it is important that we identity our lives with realism rather than glasses that are beautiful only for the spectators outside.

Thoughts : Analogy of Alarm bell with Emergent life crisis. 

What do you see? An emergency alarm ringing bell that helps people in evacuating the building if there is a life threatening situation. Wouldn’t it be useful to us too when we are at the brink of making bad decisions in life that can damage us mentally and haunt us forever? In life, you make your own emergency alarm bells after learning from your damage first. Stay cautious but also learn to be happy. You may ask why? Remember that through your pain, you can be the emergency alarm bell that can have the ability to save other people from bad decision making in life. Wouldn’t that bring a smile to your face? Humans are the happiest when they know they’ve helped others and have made a significant positive impact in the lives of other people

Sour Candy!  

” I am a fan of sour gummy bears and rainbow sour belts. Sour candy is the candy that my taste buds are mostly attracted to. Also I love rainbow colours of this candy because I think its really pretty. Sometimes I eat candy due to my fixation of its color. I know,I can be such a little child at heart! Haha and I can be very unhealthy too!