Coffee Blog : Gloria Jean’s Coffee- Transition 

This place is always busy, I always see people bustling about with cheesecakes, coffee and gossip around. Some are with families and they are trying to talk with their partners while their kids savour the tastes of hot chocolate. It’s a nice place to sit and observe people with a smile. Sometimes, I wonder what state of transition they’re in their lives, I wonder what’s happening with their lives and what secrets may lie behind those smiles. I wonder if the couples I see are newly married, I wonder if the friends I see are busy with preparations of a birthday party or I wonder what are people that are sitting alone are just thinking like me.

Do you think of the world when you’re all alone sipping a cup of coffee? Do you observe and analyse people in your mind’s eye? I know I do and maybe it’s because I think I care. People may find me strange but some may relate to me and understand where I am coming from. God bless everyone that are battling with problems.


Coffee Blog : School Days

I was sipping my coffee when I saw some kids entering the coffeeshop, ordering coffee. I glanced at them and realized that these kids are from school by their t-shirts emblemizing their respective schools. They were chattering and complaining about school and the work in school. 

I smirked in my mind’s eye, realizing that the moments spent complaining about tests and studies is no pressure compared to the pressures that one faces in real life. Maybe I am wrong because the answer to this is purely perspective and subjective. Not everyone has the same experience and not everyone has the same stance on every subject. So you may agree with me or disagree with me.

Just like everyone else when they see kids from school, I reminiscence about my school days too. Sometimes in the midst of my work, I go back into my thoughts of my school days. I disliked School because of the girls around me but I did really well at school. Ah, the joy that you attain when you get high grades after working hard in a test. It feels like a reward! Although, real life isn’t so easy. There are people that keep working hard in their jobs and never get a salary raise. There are people that keep working hard in surviving through their financial troubles yet it never seems to cease. I think you should be grateful for the moment. I think you should be grateful for every beautiful moment that life treasures you with because you never know what may come tomorrow. I used to plan a lot back in the day and systematize about the wonderful things that I shall do tomorrow or in a few years time but you know what? It’s pointless.

Planning is good but Planning too much in advance when you aren’t sure about what may come tomorrow is stupid, according to my experience. I think we all should live for the moment because who knows about tomorrow? what may come tomorrow?

My motto in life?

Well, I live my life one day at a time.One day at a time. I plan but I don’t plan way too ahead of what is to come because I don’t know what tomorrow holds for me. I don’t know. I will never know. So One day…One day at a time. 

Coffee Blog : life is short 

I saw this quote on my coffee cup and it made me realise how true the quote is. I know it’s done for promotional and Branding purposes but that quote is so true and real. 

Life is indeed really short. You never know when you breathe your last.

Indeed, life is short and indeed time passes before you even know it so make the most of life. Make the most of beautiful moments and don’t be lazy. Chase your dreams

Coffee Blog : We can make it for you! 

Good Food : Coffee & Bakery Outlet

“I had the funniest encounter here. I asked one of the customer serving agent whether they served a classic americano as it wasn’t on the menu. He got so curious and he asked me,’we have all the coffee blends. What is americano!’

 I laughed and I stated, ‘black coffee’ and then he looked at me with some shock, scratching his head and then perhaps out of the same genuine amusement rechecked the menu, realized I was right and then made eye contact with a smile, ‘well, we don’t have it on our menu but we can make it for you.’ Needless to say, it was a funny conversation and I loved the coffee. Fresh and energizing!”

Storytime : Human Kindness 

“This lady does not even know me in person but she remembers me by the fact that I always come to stop by to buy my coffee every morning when I was at university. She would make my coffee ready before I would even approach the counter, greeting me with a smile stating, ‘I saw you coming so I got the coffee beans brewing for you.’ I was so touched by her act of love and I realize that this is human kindness. I realize that this is a part of human love. I don’t know her. 

She doesn’t know me. We don’t speak the same language. We come from different countries but she was kind enough to brew my coffee every morning, before my approach

Sour Candy!  

” I am a fan of sour gummy bears and rainbow sour belts. Sour candy is the candy that my taste buds are mostly attracted to. Also I love rainbow colours of this candy because I think its really pretty. Sometimes I eat candy due to my fixation of its color. I know,I can be such a little child at heart! Haha and I can be very unhealthy too!