Thoughts : Sonder 

“Wonder and Sonder about those people outside ….That’s what I do when I look at the nostalgic bright white lights of the streets that reflect the absent bright moon in the pale night sky. I reflect. I think. I ponder. I cry about people unknown and I wonder. I looked at the taxi down the street as you can see in the picture and I wonder if the passengers of that taxi are okay. I wonder if their lives are trouble-filled and that’s when I silently pray, hoping they’re okay. Perplexed sorrows. Mixed stories of pain experienced in different wavelengths…I pray for them as I think about them…Sonder. That’s what I do. Sonder. 

Photo taken by me at 3 am :- 


Thoughts : Fascination with Different people hailing from different countries : Viewers that check my blog 

I get very fascinated when I see people from different cultures, countries and ethnicities checking out my website and the joy that I receive when they leave sweet comments on my free-flow writing stuff. I mean, they don’t know me but they do read on everything I write and have something to say (they can completely agree or disagree with what I have to say but that’s a different issue because of different train of thoughts and upbringing.) Some people don’t believe in god and think it’s utter waste. Some people like me keep coming on and off to god and can sound hypocritical. Some people are super religious and believe In god. Some people don’t really care about matters like that. Some people believe in enjoying life to the fullest and partying with alcohol. Some people refrain and stay in church. Everyone has a different mindset and a different train of thought. If only we could push those differences aside and respect one another despite it…would be a wonderful start to world peace. I love being multicultural with all honesty, infact I’ve made a vow that I’d never marry a man that’s (desi) Indian or Pakistani ahaha because I hate sticking to one root. I hate sticking to one culture. I’m fascinated with everyone that I meet and I love cherry-picking everything in life! I like to choose the good stuff and ignore the bad stuff from every culture, thus creating this mindset where I can practice being a liberal yet a conservative woman! 

A type that would bellow my personality in every demeanour!

Hookups or Celibacy until marriage? 

Celibacy is one thing that I believe in and one night stands or hookups is another thing that I will never understand. I can understand if a woman that’s in love with her boyfriend, has sex with him out of intense love and emotions for him (it’s only natural that you allow your man to touch you but I still believe that it erases the love in the long term as you’re not married to them and such a union is not blessed by god) but I can’t understand if a woman has sex with someone that she has no emotional connection with. I don’t understand men either but then again we have several quotes and biology to explain their behaviour. Once they hit it, they quit it out of fear or the hormones (dopamine is released a lot during sexual intercourse for men while the love hormone oxytocin is released a lot for women). Emotional men understand this and some get attached to the woman but anyways people are different and not everyone thinks like the way I do. Sex is damaging as it can get someone super attached to a person so why not practice safe sex by wearing the marriage ring? Just my theory and my mindset speaking here. Anyhow, felt like addressing the topic as I know a lot of people that hookup around. I laugh with my friends when they share about their encounters, they’re gorgeous and sweet people with beautiful personalities and ofcourse I don’t judge! Because we are all different…but deep down, I can’t reason it. It’s not because I’m some prude or whatsoever, it’s just that I can’t see sex like the way we eat or drink (or as a need) …I see it as two souls intertwining their bodies together…(passionate or rough or whatever way you engage the intimacy in) …it is still giving a part of you…your body and ofcourse it is a need too but I think people can control it until marriage. I know I can and I know that I can stay abstinent forever but then again, that’s just me. 

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Diversion of Pain into Art 

So, Above the text is a Collection of my drawings when I had felt the most intense feelings of loneliness, separation with my so called ex’s , family issues. These are also intertwined with the hopes I had and thoughts that twirled around me in my head. It’s not only related to me but to people and the world in general. I overthink about everything a lot in life …Don’t think that I complain, I don’t and I know I’m very blessed but what about those that have it far worse than I do? I don’t’s not fair sometimes…good should happen with good people but then again isn’t the concept of goodness subjective? The story behind these drawings is the fact that …. i am really not that great of an artist. I DO not know how to draw but I guess during those moments when I felt an intense pressure of my heart, i diverted my entire energy on drawings of feelings during those moments. I think sometimes pain can get the best out of you. It builds you up and toughens you. It can help you focus your energy on talents that you might have never thought about. I am over those kind of feelings but I still look back at them and recall them through these drawings. I have gone through so many heartbreaks, each one worse after the other…but it has built my character. I’ve grown to be independent. Moreover, I really can’t recognise myself anymore except for some aspects of my personality such as my bubbly and extroverted nature but I do know how to stay reserved and quiet. I had done these drawings…a long time ago! Back when I was more emotional than I am at present. At present, I don’t really feel as much as I used to feel before as I disregard everything that’s not beneficial to me. I’ve learnt to be a little more selfish and care less about strangers and friends around me…and I don’t know whether I should be happy or sad about that…but I guess I should be happy. Being too emotional can be a sign of weakness sometimes.

Intentions behind my behavior 

Photo for this blog is a snapshot of my own writing 

Don’t judge me. You don’t know the intentions behind my past. My intentions have always been pure. I have never hurt any soul in my life so far and I’m proud to say that. I haven’t used anyone. I haven’t manipulated anyone. I’ve been in pain, yes and it’s a lot of pain. I’m very emotional as a woman but despite all that I have learnt to forgive people, wish them well and let them go. The flaws that people tell me of my personality is that :- I act a little too conceited and I’m working in that. Also I’m a little too overdramatic and I’m a little too loud so I’m working on that. I’m really working on myself. I’ve a lot to learn and change and I am trying my best not my wear my heart on my sleeves.

Thoughts on Celibacy + Simple Marriage 

Note : Photo has been taken from the web. I believe in celibacy. I believe in being selective. I believe in abstinence. It doesn’t matter if you’ve made mistakes in the past, I have but I strongly believe in abstinence. For some reason, I think sexual intimacy in a relationship (that’s obviously not blessed by God) destroys everything (including the love that you have with your partner) and I’ve seen it happen… I am a god fearing lady and I believe in waiting until marriage because marriage is a union that is blessed by God. There isn’t anymore shame for me as a woman to share my body as I am sharing it with my husband. Not a stupid boyfriend but a husband that I’d love and be doted towards to. I also believe in having a simple wedding without much glamour and money invested in. The simple it is, the more blessed the union is. I would probably want to feed the poor on my wedding day. Being old fashioned is beautiful. I wouldn’t want it in any other way ever again. Sometimes, I fear men…and I turn down all those dates because in today’s world – a relationship starts after you have sex with someone! Or something like that. Heck! I don’t even want to kiss any man again until marriage…I don’t know where he is but when the time is right, I will find him. If you tell me that sexual compatibility is important, then you could just talk about what you like or not like with your partner. I prefer in waiting. For me, pleasing God and Marriage is the goal. This way I also attain an emotional security. At the right time, I shall get what god has destined for me but until then I will wait.

Thoughts : Laylatul Qadr – The night of Power 

Note : Photo taken from the web. 

Laylatul Qadr- the night of power. The night that is Better than a 1000 nights. The night where your sins are forgiven and you ask for your wishes by your lord Allah. The night where we pray that our neighbors, our friends, acquaintances and the entire mankind are always safe, blessed and happy. The night where we ask for their wishes to be fulfilled too. The night where we pray with tears in our eyes for others and for ourselves. It usually befalls on the 27th or the 29th of Ramadan but it could be on any of the last 10 nights. I pray for you to always be blessed and happy. I pray that you may enter paradise in the next life. I pray that you stay close to god no matter in whatever religion you’re born into. I pray that you practice and find your peace. May Allah bless everyone. Ameen! 

Storytime : Blocked-Unfollowed. 

Before I start this short storytime, there are a few pointers that I’d like the mention 

I keep a track of my followers on my Instagram-Track followers App. So, if someone that I consider a dear friend to me (or someone that I regularly comment – on their Instagram – and if you unfollow me, well…Yeah, I will actually feel bad…) 

speaking of which, now this reminds me of my storytime- related to someone …

So, I had recently met this one friend of mine while doing this course and she seemed to adore me the minute she got to know me. (She was Italian) and she kept saying how she was like ‘me’ when she was around my age. She was wonderful and she’s still wonderful as a person, she was pretty intelligent and I did help her out once or twice whenever possible in her coursework. She was a few years older than I was and I loved her sense of fashion and style. Tattoos and hairdo! I had taken her friendship to my heart and I know that we wouldn’t be close once the course was over, because we all get busy with our lives! but you know , I’d be there for her whenever she needed me and then…bam. She cuts me off and stops following me on Instagram when she was the one who initiated it. Things like this make my mind twirl about people and I go like, ‘wow I guess I never meant anything to you.’ – I know, I know it’s pretty dramatic but that’s how I feel. I got a little tensed and even got depressed about it for sometime but then again, not everyone is the same…we are still friends on Facebook! Haha and she’s very sweet but…a part of me just snapped and I think it’s because in my mind, i think people are more closer to me than they really are in reality. 

Is it because of the compliments and all the smiles and the topics we talk about? Yeah maybe….I adore people as much as I adore my family but I am wearing that habit off . 

That feeling is going off and it’s unhealthy. It’s very unhealthy. 

People are different and we all have different mindsets.

Use and Throw 

Note : The photo-quote used for this blogpost has been taken from the web. 

To those wonderful men that come across a naïve woman and she appears sweet…

Why would you try to see her as a woman that you need yourself to treat?

Why would you hurt her and tell her beautiful things so quick?

Why? Is it because you’re horny and you only think with your stupid d*ck?

Society calls women like them silly and we need to get rid off.

Why doesn’t society call out these men? That slander women using promise words, that the society should cut off?

It’s a part of her story and a part of her past and She has trust issues…now

She has more than enough

She wouldn’t trust any man ever, oh they just bluff!

she didn’t care even if he’s polite, buff and tough,  she was sure he’d be an asshole and rough.

You will say, oh that’s generalization! Oh that is so sad

Well…She learnt enough for now and it’s better to be safe rather than cry to your lord and it’s better to be just glad.

She was tired of the same misery that goes in circle round and round

She preferred to trust no man

How could she? Her own daddy went away oh yes, he just ran….

Ran and ran like the way her endless tears streamed her big eyes and now her heart was cold, it was cold as ice!

Making her stronger and stronger – each day  as she looked over every other full moon.

It made her look like a lovesick loon but finally the awful truth dawned on her and that day she became very prune…why you may ask?

Well that’s because her last lesson was finally learnt in the month of June.

Do I convince or do I inveigle?

How do I convince someone about the aspects of my personality?

When I’ve told them about my past that made my life go by bitter and it never lasts…

Everyone wants to analyse… they just want to go by their rationality.

I’m not trying to say I’m any better

There are dozens of people with pain far more worse, bigger than my little story, my little letter

I know I don’t have to convince

I know I shouldn’t care

Because people don’t bother, it’s just their topic of Prying into someone else’s lair.

But what if you want to convince those that you love?

How do I tell them my past that’s been in my room sealed with a roof that has a cove?

Funny, they don’t realize it was I who was wronged

Funny, they don’t realize karma has paid the wrong doers a huge price and I’ve been trying to tell them my story, in the form of a long song.

Maybe, one day they will understand me but if they don’t…

Then I guess I should fabricate and play with them along

Because at the end of the day, you are going to your grave and yes! All alone…

So there is no need to discuss and speak with tears and no! My dear, do not moan.