Thoughts : First reading book! 

One of my first books that I started reading when I was in elementary school. I loved reading these kind of books back then! 

Mainly on Nancy drew and Goosebumps series though. Haha! 

Gone are those memories and it is  wonderful when I look back at them. The little things. The simple things of life. 


Discussion : Journalist’s Professionalism – Related to the Book : Human Cargo by Caroline Moorehead

Caroline Moorehead, an author and a Journalist by profession has published a book, “Human Cargo” in the year of 2005. It is a wonderful read and I suggest everyone read the book as you will then understand that you actually live a very privileged life.

Having said that, she has been accused for long that she has stayed neutral about the atrocities faced by the Refugees in several countries, including Palestine. Well, it’s not a new situation that one comes across in a journalist’s profession and often ; many journalists often are blamed for being neutral about the wrong that is done to refugees.

This is actually a very hard topic for me to comprehend – but I have decided to remain neutral about it as I can understand the Journalist’s position as well.

I can understand why journalists and authors like Moorehead had to limit the story of the oppressors – because there are many political reasons behind it.

For example: The Balibo five – the team of journalists that were KILLED on 16th October 1975 during those incursions of Indonesia  – makes me wonder about the position of Journalists themselves. They aren’t superpower themselves. They’re just ordinary people like you and I – that are trying to make an impact – or create an impact among the masses by telling the stories of the refugee people.

We don’t know – what the journalists are hiding from us- Maybe not everything has to be about money – like the way most people attack journalists and accuse them for so and so reasons of not citing the stories of the victims accurately. 

To further support my stance, There also was an Indian man named Satyendra Dubey – that tried to single-handedly solve Indian politics regarding the construction of Indian highways – (where politicians were basically using the public money for their own good.) They tried to bribe this man but he kept declining the proposal and he was killed in the end.

We as individuals don’t know the risks of these journalist writers themselves and what pain they go through for publishing these articles. Everything has a political agenda these days and it is unfair for us to sit back and complain that they didn’t cover this part of the refugee story or that part of the refugee story.

The fact that some journalists do admit the fact that they limit the story is pretty admirable because atleast that person is telling the truth. Who are we to criticize anyone? We aren’t going to the country and the land of the refugees and interviewing them ourselves.

So it is unfair for us to draw any conclusion on this. Everyone may have a story that they might be hiding from the public that might put them into danger themselves.

At the end of the day, as humanistic I am as a person – I care the most for the immediate people around me – which includes my family and my friends and the people that I know as acquaintances. This is reality and I am sure you’re the same as I am.

Case scenario :

If I was being thrown off a cliff by a strange person along with someone that you love dearly and you could save only one person – whom would you help first? Of-course your loved one. I love to idealize the world but I can’t. At the end of the day, we need to be as realistic as possible

If it was me and some strange person – you’d help me out first because you know me.

This is human nature. We tend to care first for ourselves and then the others around us.

I end my discussion on this note thus being neutral on the vocal tone of the journalists – along with the stories that they state about refugees.