Use and Throw 

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To those wonderful men that come across a naïve woman and she appears sweet…

Why would you try to see her as a woman that you need yourself to treat?

Why would you hurt her and tell her beautiful things so quick?

Why? Is it because you’re horny and you only think with your stupid d*ck?

Society calls women like them silly and we need to get rid off.

Why doesn’t society call out these men? That slander women using promise words, that the society should cut off?

It’s a part of her story and a part of her past and She has trust issues…now

She has more than enough

She wouldn’t trust any man ever, oh they just bluff!

she didn’t care even if he’s polite, buff and tough,  she was sure he’d be an asshole and rough.

You will say, oh that’s generalization! Oh that is so sad

Well…She learnt enough for now and it’s better to be safe rather than cry to your lord and it’s better to be just glad.

She was tired of the same misery that goes in circle round and round

She preferred to trust no man

How could she? Her own daddy went away oh yes, he just ran….

Ran and ran like the way her endless tears streamed her big eyes and now her heart was cold, it was cold as ice!

Making her stronger and stronger – each day  as she looked over every other full moon.

It made her look like a lovesick loon but finally the awful truth dawned on her and that day she became very prune…why you may ask?

Well that’s because her last lesson was finally learnt in the month of June.


Do I convince or do I inveigle?

How do I convince someone about the aspects of my personality?

When I’ve told them about my past that made my life go by bitter and it never lasts…

Everyone wants to analyse… they just want to go by their rationality.

I’m not trying to say I’m any better

There are dozens of people with pain far more worse, bigger than my little story, my little letter

I know I don’t have to convince

I know I shouldn’t care

Because people don’t bother, it’s just their topic of Prying into someone else’s lair.

But what if you want to convince those that you love?

How do I tell them my past that’s been in my room sealed with a roof that has a cove?

Funny, they don’t realize it was I who was wronged

Funny, they don’t realize karma has paid the wrong doers a huge price and I’ve been trying to tell them my story, in the form of a long song.

Maybe, one day they will understand me but if they don’t…

Then I guess I should fabricate and play with them along

Because at the end of the day, you are going to your grave and yes! All alone…

So there is no need to discuss and speak with tears and no! My dear, do not moan.

Missing You 

Even today my heart clenches tight 

I check on you and I wonder if you love me like I do with all my might

I cry even today thinking of you sometimes morning and something night. 

I console myself everyday,  “It’s nothing. Cut those feelings. You know he doesn’t care.”

For if he cared, he’d tell you he did 

But he never cared so he gave you soon a farewell bid. 

Love is so complicated you see? 

Sometimes you wonder if it’s the thought of love you miss the most 

Or whether it is thought of happy memories that haunt your life like a ghost. 

Because I know it’s not really him I miss the most. 

You don’t miss the one that turned your life into regret that severely pained 

That regret and pain of  the love that was never meant to be gained 

Memories of first dates and places. Dead and gone.

Demise and Divine. 

Would you care and cry if you heard about my demise? 

Or would you just be in shock and let it go in a minute as a surprise? 

Death can be beautiful when there is nothing left but just artificial 

Life can be filled with waste and people that are just so superficial 

I wonder if the religious chants are true about doomsday 

I wonder when the doomsday is…I heard it’s on a Tuesday?

For if it’s true then I have a word with god to pick or two 

Why life was unfair for those that cried and wailed in pain like animals in a zoo 

Maybe death is a beginning of another journey that is yet to come 

So until then I shall do good and and try to care for people, not many just some. 

Only those that are worthy and want love 

Love similar to an unknown entity that watches us all from above. 

Perfect Companion 

She walked a million miles alone 

Sad and lonely she thought about her failed affairs, filled with lies and men full of cologne. 

It’s pointless to even think about it, she shuddered and blocked the thoughts. 

Thought that poisoned her mind and made her shiver with the lessons that it taught. 

“Will I find a companion?,” She gave a big sigh out loud. But oh dear! she thought, “What if it fails again like a Grand Canyon!”

She wanted someone, oh  really maybe anybody! 

 She wanted to chitter-chatter and take care of somebody. 

“No wait” she thought. “I’m really choosy and I wanted certain qualities in a mate. A man with a shining heart and a head above his shoulders very bright like a heaven’s gate.” 

“I want him to love and care for people too! I want him to be humble and loving the higher power of spiritual energy too!,” She chimed. 

Daydreaming again. Daydream so strong 

People told her that her dreams were very wrong. 

Indeed she was wrong because she has learnt her lessons very well 

But what’s the harm in thinking? Let her dwell! 

Dreamers are allowed to dream aren’t they?  So let them be. Let them dream of a romantic fairytale. So let them dream of a realistic fairytale.

Her dreams weren’t so wrong. She dreamed of realism. Did she want a man too romantic? Oh no. Oh no. 

Did she want a man with a lot of money? Oh no. Oh no. She didn’t want that kind of a honey!

She wanted a fairytale. Love and synergism? Oh yes. Oh yes. 

But a realistic fairytale. A tale that can be real enough to live and survive. A tale that is a dream to her due to her broken family and broken past. 

People with broken past often have small real wishes that they wish to realise and hope to last. 

 That is their world of dream. So let her dream. Let her dwell. It wasn’t so bad. It was her dream. She slept soundly and chanted :

“The world of dreams is  always yours. It’s yours. It’s yours. It’s yours.”


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She swings back and forth towards the world.

A world that is so uncanny, unpredictable, questioning her 

sanity thus making her mind very twirled.

 She rocks back and forth on her swing and hears

 the ticking noise of the world clocks! 

She is a little worried about the future 

but worrying does more harm than good  

as the time will unfold her tale…sooner or later, she will realize her fairytale. 

Daddy,why didn’t you love me?

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Daddy,daddy,daddy; I cried as a baby girl, running to you with my arms open wide. 

Funny how you looked the other way and push me to the other side 

Daddy,Daddy,Daddy; I came to you as a secondary student, hoping you will be happy that I stood first in my class 

Strange how you mocked at me and stated that I was ugly and I was comparable to dead grass. 

Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, You left me, mama and my sister
Leaving us stranded, leaving us to our own devices and with nowhere to go
Funny how you apologized that one last time, forcing me to be independent in a peculiar way and maybe that’s how I could grow…

My daughter, my daughter, my daughter; you came to me one day 

I need you now more than ever 

Why? Because you are broke and now you want my love and dedication, but I tell you never ever 

Daddy,daddy,daddy don’t you see? 

You destroyed my life and I did not even need a rifle 

You are an asshole, dear daddy ; I grew up today without a daddy who was never there for his daughter throughout her lifecycle. 

I hate you daddy , I really do! I will cry one last time for you 

Now you finally know how I feel, don’t you? 

Never come back dear daddy because I may shoot you and myself,

 I am done with you and I will walk alone, I do not need anyone else.

She cannot love 

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He told her repeatedly, “I love you my love” 

Hayati“, he said to her. “You are my Hayati

Her ears kept listening 

And she then started whistling 

Hayati, Hayati, those words of love! It made her vent 

Expressions of love, she realized what it meant. 

It was Arabic and it meant she was his life and she believed him because she felt his scent 

His scent of his pure love was in his eyes  

He cared about no man who was before him ; he knew her worth and her price 

Her worth was priceless and her devotion would be forever 

But did he knew? How she felt? She did not want to love. No, never ever. 

Her past still haunts her and her eyes brims with a tear

None she will trust again as she is still living in a fear. 

Nature : Her Anger will kill you

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We throw our plastic bags on nature 

No!, they protested ; we do nurture 

But your words do not mean anything. It was not anything drastic. 

What change do you speak of? You are still littering away and oh! those beautiful grounds 

And damaging the trees that have their barks beautifully brown 

Will your words remain just a silly notion of a thought? 

Or are you going to upset her again until she gets angry and will avenge you through a drought?

Broken Moonlight 

Note : Photo for this blog post is taken from the web. 

Her hair is entangled and messy 

Their shapes are curled in squares and circles 

There are portraits and days where she looks as pretty as a daisy 

But there are days of depression and she cries like a slave maid of the 80’s that has to work ill. 

She wipes tears because she seems to tell her story to everyone 

Does she not realize that this world is a chaos and she should not trust anyone? 

For when she tells her story, they roll their eyes and tell her that they were done. 

“So I should not mention about my weakness to anyone”, she laments and cries 

She cried until the dawn breaks the dim moonlight of her bedroom window, until she noticed everyone lies. 

She thought and she thought until the next night 

And she came up with a plan that seemed very right 

She drank a can of juice and  recalled her plan 

And her plan did not involve any friendship or a romance with a man. 

“I need to stand up for myself. I am sure I am not alone. I just have to wait until I find people that think like me and will soon be my very own! I will do what I love till then!”, she squeaked; saying this to herself with delight 

For sure she was right and in that darkness of her bedroom; she was the only beautiful moonlight.