Cruel Reality of Life : Collateral Damage

Have you ever woken up from a nightmare and you are just thankful, thankful to your stars that it’s just a nightmare

But when nightmare becomes a dreadful reality…you’re honestly paralyzed without knowing what to do.

The eyes weep with sorrow and fear…a trepidation on what shall happen next ?

Survival is the basic instinct of human nature but what if you weren’t equipped for survival after surviving for so long ? You may wonder what went wrong. You may blame that this happened due to god but what if you were just a collateral damage?

A collateral damage that was never meant to happen…

In a blissful minute, your sudden realization of those people , harmless people dying in countries such as Syria …come into your head.

Did they deserve it ? No they didn’t. Did they deserve it ? No they didn’t.

Such is the cruel reality of life.

Photo of a Syrian children handing in food to a journalist.

Storytime : Blocked-Unfollowed. 

Before I start this short storytime, there are a few pointers that I’d like the mention 

I keep a track of my followers on my Instagram-Track followers App. So, if someone that I consider a dear friend to me (or someone that I regularly comment – on their Instagram – and if you unfollow me, well…Yeah, I will actually feel bad…) 

speaking of which, now this reminds me of my storytime- related to someone …

So, I had recently met this one friend of mine while doing this course and she seemed to adore me the minute she got to know me. (She was Italian) and she kept saying how she was like ‘me’ when she was around my age. She was wonderful and she’s still wonderful as a person, she was pretty intelligent and I did help her out once or twice whenever possible in her coursework. She was a few years older than I was and I loved her sense of fashion and style. Tattoos and hairdo! I had taken her friendship to my heart and I know that we wouldn’t be close once the course was over, because we all get busy with our lives! but you know , I’d be there for her whenever she needed me and then…bam. She cuts me off and stops following me on Instagram when she was the one who initiated it. Things like this make my mind twirl about people and I go like, ‘wow I guess I never meant anything to you.’ – I know, I know it’s pretty dramatic but that’s how I feel. I got a little tensed and even got depressed about it for sometime but then again, not everyone is the same…we are still friends on Facebook! Haha and she’s very sweet but…a part of me just snapped and I think it’s because in my mind, i think people are more closer to me than they really are in reality. 

Is it because of the compliments and all the smiles and the topics we talk about? Yeah maybe….I adore people as much as I adore my family but I am wearing that habit off . 

That feeling is going off and it’s unhealthy. It’s very unhealthy. 

People are different and we all have different mindsets.

Review – Roberto Cacciaplagia : Wild Side (Tree of life Show)

I’ve been listening to this amazing composer for sometime now and this short two minutes sequence of the music that has an exponential rise in the music is so energetic! It makes me feel like i am chasing away my nightmares with this immense strength that is subliminally hidden within me and I feel like, I was blissfully unaware of it until now.

Love this track! Do check this melody out by the one and only Roberto Cacciapaglia-a wonderful italian composer!

Review – Einaudi : Experience

Your Task :

Please listen to this melody with your eyes closed and listen to its rhythm of this strong and passionate melody that this wonderful musician has composed :


Did you feel?

Have you ever felt all of your experiences one after the other – the happiness and the sadness all at once when you heard this melody? I know that I did. I cried throughout this entire melody with a certain kind of magnetism, a certain kind of aura and power…It had a hold of my heart when I listened to it.

This composer makes his music from his soul and I wholeheartedly appreciate this wonderful musician because we need musicians like him. We need people that compose melodies that touches our soul, that helps us to empathize with people, with depth and with feelings. I think that everyone must listen to a wonderful composer like Einaudi,  just to make us regain our touch with our feelings again. Just to make us Human again. Just to make us realize that we are all humans that have experiences both happy and sad which come to an abrupt end until they start again. We are not different from each other despite coming from various nationalities, cultures and background. We all cry. We all rejoice. We all have families. We have ways through which we express our emotions. Some bottle them up until their last breath while others speak about it openly to the world. Nobody is different. We are all one. 

My mind just boils with a certain mixture of an awe that I can’t describe when I listen to this melody – it is nostalgic. It is very nostalgic. All the events just flip in my mind’s eye one by one like a flashback. A flashback of deep sadness and happiness : Memories that made me who I am today.

About the composer : 

Ludovico Einaudi is a renowned Italian pianist and composer and he was trained in Milan by Luciano Berio in the 1980’s. More information can be found on his official homepage :


Note : I suggest you all check him out and I highly recommend him!
I love his music and I am a huge fan of him! 


Thoughts : Stop Praying and Start Acting. 

This beautiful mosque in Dubai made me speculate on religion and also provoked a question inside of me. 

A lot of us Muslims pray, we pray because we want to get closer to god and we fear to be ‘barbecued’ in the blazing fires of hell. We commit to charity because we are told to do so as it is a pillar of Islam. Now, I love God. I love God because I know he loves me as he is giving me a chance everyday to redeem myself from my past miseries. But how can you pray and have an evil heart that wishes bad on someone? That becomes jealous of someone else’s happiness? 

How can you pray when you have a heart that is so cruel and evil? 

How do you expect on getting admittance to even a world such as heaven after your death if you lack empathy? Religion teaches us to do good for our humans. It tries to teach you empathy by loving god and doing everything for god. Learn to empathize. Learn to have a kind heart, if you have a cold heart then you can always pray to god that you try to have one or try to help people in any form which will eventually develop you to have a loving heart. Small steps always make a big role in learning empathy. 

Remember that, Prayer is not enough.

Thoughts : RIP Iconic legend – George Michael

“I am so depressed, I grew up listening to his music”, my mother lamented when she heard that George Michael Passed away.

George Michael was a legendary Icon in many ways, a gay-rights activist and his music stirred millions of fans!

He was blessed with fine looks and an artistic musical voice , not many have that kind of ability – (well, not like the singers of the present day at least) 

May his soul rest in peace, a legendary musician has passed away that had stirred the hearts of many people through his artistry work!

Photo taken from the web :


‘California will launch its own damn satellites’ : Governor Jerry Brown



The above video is a speech by Governor Jerry Brown stating his concern about the environment and the resistance against the laws beneath the “trump nation”

This speech was so POWERFUL! SO moving! I kept screaming : YES to protecting our environment! YES to reducing vehicle emission!
“California standards has become national standards,” Jerry Brown states in the middle of the speech.
Such statements by powerful leaders like him pave the way in reaching out to a larger audience around the globe
because that is the only way :

“The voice of protecting our environment reaches out to nations like ours!”


We need more copies of people like yourself! I may not be american but this was POWERFUL!

Operation without Anesthesia on a child : The cries of Aleppo 

This video that you see here is a video of a child that recites the verses of the Holy Quran while being operated without Anesthesia.This is a recent video that was broadcasted on a Turkish news channel and this has mitigated and provoked the emotions of the reporters on the channel as well as you can see here in the above video.

The basic question that arises in one’s mind :


The logical answer  would be several and here is a few that can be mentioned as follows:-

  • The lack of Medical help, instruments and other devices that are needed by doctors out there.
  • The lack of assistance to the people out there.

An important underlying  factor to all that is happening would be : People are desensitized to violence that is present within media.

The distraught and the cries of help in Aleppo has severely desensitized humans throughout the world. Violence and Torture that is seen on television has severely diminished the empathetic volume among us Humans.

“Viewing television violence can subsequently numb people’s reactions when they face real life aggression” (Thomas et al.,1977)

“In one experiment, researchers measures the physiological responses of young men while they were watching a rather brutal and bloody boxing match. Those who had watched a lot of TV n their daily lives seemed relatively indifferent to the mayhem in the ring ; that is, they showed little physiological evidence of excitement, anxiety or, other arousal. They were UNMOVED by violence.” (Cline,Croft, & Courier, 1973).

What can we do in order to help the victims of Syria? What can we do so that we ultimately try to strive back as empathetic individuals who feel and love our fellow human beings?

We CAN VOLUNTEER! We can experience what they feel by Volunteering and by helping them through several organizations that donate them with money,

I strongly suggest that Volunteering is a better option and below is the link for Volunteering :

Why do you think VOLUNTEERING helps us to be more empathetic towards our fellow human beings?

Below is the link that will tell you why it helps –

I would like to conclude my short-self awareness article on the awareness of the plight of our people as a whole world by stating the following by Horace Menn :

“Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves.”



Source of this information  :



Event : Arabic language day 

Today (14th December 2016)  was the Arabic language initiative day at the Dubai World trade centre! 

I’ve never been more proud to be a part of such a wonderful and an educational stream that is trying to promote the importance and the use of the wonderful Arabic language! 

Moreover, it was interesting to note that so many languages are correlated with Arabic such as Urdu or Farsi. Even the letters are almost the same in Urdu and Arabic with only a few subtle differences. 

For example : we have the word “tarjuma” which means translation in both Urdu and Arabic. 

Fascinating experience. Throughly enjoyed it! 

PS : I’m not an Arab but I love the beauty of different languages and its complexities!