About : Writer’s Note

Hello there!

I am a 23 year old Muslim Indian-Woman that has been residing in Dubai, United Arab Emirates since time-immemorial haha!

I hold a bachelors degree in Biology and a minor in English Literature from The American University of Sharjah

‘Your Canvas of Words’ – is a webpage that I have designed to illustrate my thoughts on random topics that I come across in Everyday life. All the photos that I use for my writings  belong to me unless specified.

I also include my researches that I have done in my school on subjects such as Literature and Current Affairs that are of interest to me.

I am not a professional writer but I am passionate about writing and expressing my thoughts!

Please feel free to comment, follow and drop me any suggestions! I love to inspire and be inspired by people!

You can also follow me on Instagram @yourcanvasofwords

Thank you for viewing my writings and for visiting my page!

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