Use and Throw 

Note : The photo-quote used for this blogpost has been taken from the web. 

To those wonderful men that come across a naïve woman and she appears sweet…

Why would you try to see her as a woman that you need yourself to treat?

Why would you hurt her and tell her beautiful things so quick?

Why? Is it because you’re horny and you only think with your stupid d*ck?

Society calls women like them silly and we need to get rid off.

Why doesn’t society call out these men? That slander women using promise words, that the society should cut off?

It’s a part of her story and a part of her past and She has trust issues…now

She has more than enough

She wouldn’t trust any man ever, oh they just bluff!

she didn’t care even if he’s polite, buff and tough,  she was sure he’d be an asshole and rough.

You will say, oh that’s generalization! Oh that is so sad

Well…She learnt enough for now and it’s better to be safe rather than cry to your lord and it’s better to be just glad.

She was tired of the same misery that goes in circle round and round

She preferred to trust no man

How could she? Her own daddy went away oh yes, he just ran….

Ran and ran like the way her endless tears streamed her big eyes and now her heart was cold, it was cold as ice!

Making her stronger and stronger – each day  as she looked over every other full moon.

It made her look like a lovesick loon but finally the awful truth dawned on her and that day she became very prune…why you may ask?

Well that’s because her last lesson was finally learnt in the month of June.

Do I convince or do I inveigle?

How do I convince someone about the aspects of my personality?

When I’ve told them about my past that made my life go by bitter and it never lasts…

Everyone wants to analyse… they just want to go by their rationality.

I’m not trying to say I’m any better

There are dozens of people with pain far more worse, bigger than my little story, my little letter

I know I don’t have to convince

I know I shouldn’t care

Because people don’t bother, it’s just their topic of Prying into someone else’s lair.

But what if you want to convince those that you love?

How do I tell them my past that’s been in my room sealed with a roof that has a cove?

Funny, they don’t realize it was I who was wronged

Funny, they don’t realize karma has paid the wrong doers a huge price and I’ve been trying to tell them my story, in the form of a long song.

Maybe, one day they will understand me but if they don’t…

Then I guess I should fabricate and play with them along

Because at the end of the day, you are going to your grave and yes! All alone…

So there is no need to discuss and speak with tears and no! My dear, do not moan.

Short suggestion on Empowerment using the F Word.

Note : The Photo used for this short post is taken from the web
So this is my tip on How to motivate yourself using the hood/ vulgar/ unlady-like language (especially if you’re down)
You basically talk yourself out of that negative energy by repeating the following quote as mentioned below :
“YOU are strong. YOU are not weak. YOU ARE *insert your name* the fucking *insert your surname*”F word
Let me give you a demonstration
For example :- 

“YOU ARE strong. YOU are not weak. YOU are Insha the fucking ARABI!” (this is using my name) 
Go ahead. Try it, you will feel super empowered with crazy visions like being the president of the planet Mars.


This photo below was taken in the year of 2015. I was super popular and I was making funny videos. I made it to 9gag! I had almost a 1000 followers on Instagram. I was making a lot of friends and a lot of fans and then suddenly I found myself entrapped in this stupid relationship with my ex boyfriend that I left it all. I deleted everything for his stupid sake because he told me that I was too funny and I made too many jokes and it was ridiculous because it was very ‘unlady like’. My friends also treated me no better. I got so lost and confused that I deleted everything for his sake. I deleted my Instagram. Well, that dumb relationship never lasted for long and I regret everything. I regret not being me. I want to be ME in every realm of my life :- work, personal , family and with friends! I don’t understand what’s wrong with that! I Just want to be me! I’ve learnt things the hard way but yes I’ve realized that certain things – keep it to yourself and don’t be overboard with anything but then again, never lose yourself or your personality

Short Review : Music- Nelly Furtado : All Good things come to an end

So this song by nelly furtado used to be my every-relationship-got-over-crying-song.

Not anymore though, now I just giggle at my silliness…Nevertheless
 the lyrics are deep.


The opening of the song starts with the fact that life is dandy and it goes on with the following quote that states,

“…We are what we don’t see
Miss everything day dreaming
Flames to dust,
Lovers to friends,
Why do all good things come to an end?”

…Makes you think about all of those moments where things never went as planned in your life.
and yes, I still listen to this song and I still Love the music.

Thoughts : Attachment

Does anyone else have a habit of re-watching, re-listening to the same music and the same movies again and again? I do. I have a habit of re-watching and re-listening to the same piano melodies, to the same movies again and again. I don’t let go off things easily that has been done in the past. I even HATE replacing old handbags with new ones and replacing old phones with new ones. I have this certain kind of attachment that I develop with my accessories. I only let my old handbags go when my mother and my sister roll their eyes at me and tell me to get a new one and even when I get the new one, I still keep my old bag safely…I feel a little emotional even over using new handbags over the old ones! Haha ! It often leads to comical relief within the household due to my expression and actions over certain things like this …like my bag…
and when it comes to people…I am over to the top emotional and I feel things more than they could and I imagine having a bond with them within my head, very close to what it actually is…and through this imagination…a creative imagination, I get hurt…I get badly hurt…I get very bruised…but I am learning…I am learning…


Attachment theories
Photo taken from the web. The concept of Attachment Psychology among Humans with Anxiety 

 One hour Photo 

Has anyone watched the movie, “One hour photo” ? – it has a beautiful yet a disturbing image of people that are lonely…people that want to belong to a family…A disturbing yet a beautiful film on lonely people. I loved it, it makes me empathize a lot more with people that are isolated….May God bless people like Sy and RIP Robin Williams for wonderfully portraying the role of Sy – the photoguy

The need of wanting to love and wanting to be loved. (Photo taken from the web)

Copying Nature 

Walking through the man made escapades that are trying too hard to look like the vast nature is intriguing. It’s very intriguing. It’s also ironic because men keep trying to destroy the beautiful nature as well although they try to build their castles and architecture similar to the entity of the nature. Man is a hypocrite in every form

Architecture of a mall in the city of Dubai

Quotes : Paranoia

Lately, I have come to a vivid realization of pessimism. I’ve realized that I’ve turned into a cynical woman. A cynical woman with depressing thoughts…and there are moments where I get overwhelmed.

I get overwhelmed with my mind…I am cynical of people and their wishes for me. Sometimes, I don’t think anyone cares for me besides my family. Sometimes, I think it’s all about envy and some kind of weird jealousy and I am always anxious. My anxiety gets the best of me. I am scared most of the time, especially when I receive a compliment. I question the authenticity of their compliment – is it because they mean well or is it because out of pure jealousy that they wish something ill happens to me…I get so paranoid that I lose my mind and I cut those people off. I cut many people off. Infact I don’t keep anyone close. I keep nobody close. I am too scared to form friendships. I am too scared to even formulate a contact with someone that could be a potential love-interest as well. I just need nobody. Solitude is bliss I guess, my social life has become nil. I talk to nobody anymore. I am just stuck in my vicious cycle of paranoia, disturbia and anxiety but I am okay. I don’t let anyone damage me anymore because I keep nobody close. Nobody.

Faith in Allah 

“You maybe struggling for help by people around you that had once promised to be around you for the rest of your life but when the time comes and you’re all alone with nothing, people will walk away from you. Only your lord will help you so don’t neglect him. Don’t neglect the lord and he won’t neglect you. God is indeed the most merciful. I had nobody to look after me, no father, no lover, no friends and I was all by myself, broken and devastated in pain. Nobody wanted to be my friend either when I told them about my troubles or even listen to me but the day I devoted myself complaining and asking god for his mercy, the light and the doors of my troubles Opened for me, slowly but surely. God didn’t leave me….when everyone else left me. I would never want to displease my lord ever again.”   

Photo taken from the web : authentic quote from the Quran