Analogy of Illusionary damaged holes of human spirit with Black Holes

We are nothing but mere atomic particles that experience different wavelengths of pain and pleasure…and those wavelengths of pain and pleasure vary from one individual to another on the basis of their childhood, culture, people they have been with, friendships formulated and experiences. Sometimes even our genetic makeup also play a role on how deeply we experience something. For example, what I feel strongly for something isn’t what someone else will feel. They might feel nothing and that doesn’t make them bad. Sometimes people are created that way by default. When we feel the same way-as deeply for same things like someone else, that’s when we feel that we have a connection. I have touched on this topic in my previous posts many times and I’ve always been intrigued by this idea. Some don’t experience feelings in depth while others experience so much that it damages them. It damages them until they drill a hole in their heads…a hole that can’t be understood by anyone…I could give the analogy of this hole to a black hole because just like how scientists haven’t yet understood the whole idea correctly about black holes, nobody can understand these dark empty spaces that damaged people have within themselves. We give theories and theories to understand everything in life and then we come up with experimentation and diagnosis and proofs to understand people. 

Life is all about objectivity for people but I think the answers to everything isn’t objective. It is subjective. 


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