Thoughts : Fascination with Different people hailing from different countries : Viewers that check my blog 

I get very fascinated when I see people from different cultures, countries and ethnicities checking out my website and the joy that I receive when they leave sweet comments on my free-flow writing stuff. I mean, they don’t know me but they do read on everything I write and have something to say (they can completely agree or disagree with what I have to say but that’s a different issue because of different train of thoughts and upbringing.) Some people don’t believe in god and think it’s utter waste. Some people like me keep coming on and off to god and can sound hypocritical. Some people are super religious and believe In god. Some people don’t really care about matters like that. Some people believe in enjoying life to the fullest and partying with alcohol. Some people refrain and stay in church. Everyone has a different mindset and a different train of thought. If only we could push those differences aside and respect one another despite it…would be a wonderful start to world peace. I love being multicultural with all honesty, infact I’ve made a vow that I’d never marry a man that’s (desi) Indian or Pakistani ahaha because I hate sticking to one root. I hate sticking to one culture. I’m fascinated with everyone that I meet and I love cherry-picking everything in life! I like to choose the good stuff and ignore the bad stuff from every culture, thus creating this mindset where I can practice being a liberal yet a conservative woman! 

A type that would bellow my personality in every demeanour!


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