Hookups or Celibacy until marriage? 

Celibacy is one thing that I believe in and one night stands or hookups is another thing that I will never understand. I can understand if a woman that’s in love with her boyfriend, has sex with him out of intense love and emotions for him (it’s only natural that you allow your man to touch you but I still believe that it erases the love in the long term as you’re not married to them and such a union is not blessed by god) but I can’t understand if a woman has sex with someone that she has no emotional connection with. I don’t understand men either but then again we have several quotes and biology to explain their behaviour. Once they hit it, they quit it out of fear or the hormones (dopamine is released a lot during sexual intercourse for men while the love hormone oxytocin is released a lot for women). Emotional men understand this and some get attached to the woman but anyways people are different and not everyone thinks like the way I do. Sex is damaging as it can get someone super attached to a person so why not practice safe sex by wearing the marriage ring? Just my theory and my mindset speaking here. Anyhow, felt like addressing the topic as I know a lot of people that hookup around. I laugh with my friends when they share about their encounters, they’re gorgeous and sweet people with beautiful personalities and ofcourse I don’t judge! Because we are all different…but deep down, I can’t reason it. It’s not because I’m some prude or whatsoever, it’s just that I can’t see sex like the way we eat or drink (or as a need) …I see it as two souls intertwining their bodies together…(passionate or rough or whatever way you engage the intimacy in) …it is still giving a part of you…your body and ofcourse it is a need too but I think people can control it until marriage. I know I can and I know that I can stay abstinent forever but then again, that’s just me. 

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