Diversion of Pain into Art 

So, Above the text is a Collection of my drawings when I had felt the most intense feelings of loneliness, separation with my so called ex’s , family issues. These are also intertwined with the hopes I had and thoughts that twirled around me in my head. It’s not only related to me but to people and the world in general. I overthink about everything a lot in life …Don’t think that I complain, I don’t and I know I’m very blessed but what about those that have it far worse than I do? I don’t know..it’s not fair sometimes…good should happen with good people but then again isn’t the concept of goodness subjective? The story behind these drawings is the fact that …. i am really not that great of an artist. I DO not know how to draw but I guess during those moments when I felt an intense pressure of my heart, i diverted my entire energy on drawings of feelings during those moments. I think sometimes pain can get the best out of you. It builds you up and toughens you. It can help you focus your energy on talents that you might have never thought about. I am over those kind of feelings but I still look back at them and recall them through these drawings. I have gone through so many heartbreaks, each one worse after the other…but it has built my character. I’ve grown to be independent. Moreover, I really can’t recognise myself anymore except for some aspects of my personality such as my bubbly and extroverted nature but I do know how to stay reserved and quiet. I had done these drawings…a long time ago! Back when I was more emotional than I am at present. At present, I don’t really feel as much as I used to feel before as I disregard everything that’s not beneficial to me. I’ve learnt to be a little more selfish and care less about strangers and friends around me…and I don’t know whether I should be happy or sad about that…but I guess I should be happy. Being too emotional can be a sign of weakness sometimes.


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