Why I wouldn’t ever marry a non-Muslim man 

I have nothing against men of other religions but there is one thing that is very close to my heart. It’s my Islam. I would never marry a man that’s not a Muslim. I wouldn’t ever even look at a man that isn’t a Muslim. I would never marry a man that doesn’t even try and prays to his lord. I would never even look at a man that doesn’t practise his faith. As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized how important my deen is to me. Why religion is important to me? Well, one day I’d like to cherish and have the moment (when I’m married) of waking up for fajr (morning prayer) and praying alongside my husband. Lakum deenukum waliyadeen : to you your religion and to me, mine. It’s a personal choice and this is very important to me. Islam is everything to me. Just like how Christianity or Judaism would be everything to a believing, Christian or Jewish woman. We are all different that way but we are all still united as people through friendships despite our personal differences. I maybe hypocritical in some ways but religion is deeply important to me and I know that one day, I shall be a deeply embedded within my Islam. SIDENOTE : If you think I’m ‘narrow minded’ – I am speaking this out of experience after I learnt a LOT about myself due to one of my relationships – an ex who wasn’t a Muslim. He was of the Baha’i faith. I was ready to convert for him and do things for him but he left me as his mother disliked me because I was a Muslim…and that’s when I realized that I did everything for him while he did none for me. That’s when I realize that this whole inter-faith relationships aren’t for me. It just isn’t. We are all different and I think it was god’s way of teaching me a lesson maybe… I don’t know, I’m going offtrack here but Islam is important to me.)


2 thoughts on “Why I wouldn’t ever marry a non-Muslim man 

  1. Ok now please don’t think your being stalked. Its just at times people who blog about their thoughts and ramblings of the mind just fascinate me. I mean the blogs, the people I just happen to relate with them because I used to blog in a similar fashion a long time ago. But In Shaa Allah May Allah bless you with a Pious spouse sister and reward you for your patience. Aameen. All the best.

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