Storytime : Blocked-Unfollowed. 

Before I start this short storytime, there are a few pointers that I’d like the mention 

I keep a track of my followers on my Instagram-Track followers App. So, if someone that I consider a dear friend to me (or someone that I regularly comment – on their Instagram – and if you unfollow me, well…Yeah, I will actually feel bad…) 

speaking of which, now this reminds me of my storytime- related to someone …

So, I had recently met this one friend of mine while doing this course and she seemed to adore me the minute she got to know me. (She was Italian) and she kept saying how she was like ‘me’ when she was around my age. She was wonderful and she’s still wonderful as a person, she was pretty intelligent and I did help her out once or twice whenever possible in her coursework. She was a few years older than I was and I loved her sense of fashion and style. Tattoos and hairdo! I had taken her friendship to my heart and I know that we wouldn’t be close once the course was over, because we all get busy with our lives! but you know , I’d be there for her whenever she needed me and then…bam. She cuts me off and stops following me on Instagram when she was the one who initiated it. Things like this make my mind twirl about people and I go like, ‘wow I guess I never meant anything to you.’ – I know, I know it’s pretty dramatic but that’s how I feel. I got a little tensed and even got depressed about it for sometime but then again, not everyone is the same…we are still friends on Facebook! Haha and she’s very sweet but…a part of me just snapped and I think it’s because in my mind, i think people are more closer to me than they really are in reality. 

Is it because of the compliments and all the smiles and the topics we talk about? Yeah maybe….I adore people as much as I adore my family but I am wearing that habit off . 

That feeling is going off and it’s unhealthy. It’s very unhealthy. 

People are different and we all have different mindsets.


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