Use and Throw 

Note : The photo-quote used for this blogpost has been taken from the web. 

To those wonderful men that come across a naïve woman and she appears sweet…

Why would you try to see her as a woman that you need yourself to treat?

Why would you hurt her and tell her beautiful things so quick?

Why? Is it because you’re horny and you only think with your stupid d*ck?

Society calls women like them silly and we need to get rid off.

Why doesn’t society call out these men? That slander women using promise words, that the society should cut off?

It’s a part of her story and a part of her past and She has trust issues…now

She has more than enough

She wouldn’t trust any man ever, oh they just bluff!

she didn’t care even if he’s polite, buff and tough,  she was sure he’d be an asshole and rough.

You will say, oh that’s generalization! Oh that is so sad

Well…She learnt enough for now and it’s better to be safe rather than cry to your lord and it’s better to be just glad.

She was tired of the same misery that goes in circle round and round

She preferred to trust no man

How could she? Her own daddy went away oh yes, he just ran….

Ran and ran like the way her endless tears streamed her big eyes and now her heart was cold, it was cold as ice!

Making her stronger and stronger – each day  as she looked over every other full moon.

It made her look like a lovesick loon but finally the awful truth dawned on her and that day she became very prune…why you may ask?

Well that’s because her last lesson was finally learnt in the month of June.


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