Do I convince or do I inveigle?

How do I convince someone about the aspects of my personality?

When I’ve told them about my past that made my life go by bitter and it never lasts…

Everyone wants to analyse… they just want to go by their rationality.

I’m not trying to say I’m any better

There are dozens of people with pain far more worse, bigger than my little story, my little letter

I know I don’t have to convince

I know I shouldn’t care

Because people don’t bother, it’s just their topic of Prying into someone else’s lair.

But what if you want to convince those that you love?

How do I tell them my past that’s been in my room sealed with a roof that has a cove?

Funny, they don’t realize it was I who was wronged

Funny, they don’t realize karma has paid the wrong doers a huge price and I’ve been trying to tell them my story, in the form of a long song.

Maybe, one day they will understand me but if they don’t…

Then I guess I should fabricate and play with them along

Because at the end of the day, you are going to your grave and yes! All alone…

So there is no need to discuss and speak with tears and no! My dear, do not moan.


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