Thoughts : Attachment

Does anyone else have a habit of re-watching, re-listening to the same music and the same movies again and again? I do. I have a habit of re-watching and re-listening to the same piano melodies, to the same movies again and again. I don’t let go off things easily that has been done in the past. I even HATE replacing old handbags with new ones and replacing old phones with new ones. I have this certain kind of attachment that I develop with my accessories. I only let my old handbags go when my mother and my sister roll their eyes at me and tell me to get a new one and even when I get the new one, I still keep my old bag safely…I feel a little emotional even over using new handbags over the old ones! Haha ! It often leads to comical relief within the household due to my expression and actions over certain things like this …like my bag…
and when it comes to people…I am over to the top emotional and I feel things more than they could and I imagine having a bond with them within my head, very close to what it actually is…and through this imagination…a creative imagination, I get hurt…I get badly hurt…I get very bruised…but I am learning…I am learning…


Attachment theories
Photo taken from the web. The concept of Attachment Psychology among Humans with Anxiety 

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