Faith in Allah 

“You maybe struggling for help by people around you that had once promised to be around you for the rest of your life but when the time comes and you’re all alone with nothing, people will walk away from you. Only your lord will help you so don’t neglect him. Don’t neglect the lord and he won’t neglect you. God is indeed the most merciful. I had nobody to look after me, no father, no lover, no friends and I was all by myself, broken and devastated in pain. Nobody wanted to be my friend either when I told them about my troubles or even listen to me but the day I devoted myself complaining and asking god for his mercy, the light and the doors of my troubles Opened for me, slowly but surely. God didn’t leave me….when everyone else left me. I would never want to displease my lord ever again.”   

Photo taken from the web : authentic quote from the Quran 


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