The reality of Islam extremists 

It’s strange how many divisions exist within a religion itself. For instance, I am a Sunni-Hanafi and our school and thinking related to Islam is different compared to those that are present in other countries such as the wahabbis (extremists) school of Islamic thought that come from Saudi Arabia. Actually it’s not even Saudi, different people have different thinking and mindset related to religion. 

Just like Christianity, Islam also has its own school of thoughts. 

You have orthodox, Catholics, Protestants and what not in Christianity. 

You have people that also believe in the KKK just like we have people that believe in ISIS 

We are also divided like other religions, even though we are trying too hard not to but this is the reality that exists. 

I’m only saying this because ignorance related to Islam needs to end and islamophobia needs to end. 

Don’t compare us to extremists! We don’t like them either!

Picture taken from the web : The different sectors of Islam


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