Short quotes : This world is not mine. 

You maybe the wealthiest man in the world. You maybe the most powerful man in the world. 

You maybe the most educated man in this world 

You maybe be everything but it was given to you through the blessings of Allah. 

You maybe the most beautiful woman or the most handsome man in this world. 

In one minute , everything that you have – your wealth, your power, your education or your beauty can be ripped away from you. 

You may develop dementia and lose your knowledge

You may go through a business loss and lose your wealth or power 

You may have an accident and lose your beauty. 

Remove that pride. Allah hates pride. 

This world belongs to Allah. I belong to Allah. I am NOTHING without him. 

You’re nothing without him. 

SubhanAllah. May Allah bless us with hidayat 

He’s the most merciful and the most high and supreme. 

The power only belongs to him. May he bless us all with modesty and love for others. Ameen.

This is Islam. It’s not the terrorist nonsense that the media propagates. It’s modesty, love and  a helping hand towards other people. It asks you to be mindful of your blessings and your pride. It asks you to help your brethren. This is real Islam. This is real Islam. This is real Islam. 

Dua during the time of thunder (taken from the web) praising the lord. SubhanAllah


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