Short quotes : Marry yourself 

There is a reason behind editing this photo as black and white along with that ring that I’ve worn on that very particular finger of mine that symbolises marriage and love between two individuals. So it’s edited black and white to signify the illusion and confusion I feel about the passing love that exists between two individuals. I am often confused by it and I don’t think I really believe in it a lot. I have seen people breaking up and coming from a broken family myself, I think everything is just an illusion and the thought of being controlled by my emotions is scary as when I love someone, I love them deeply and I’m very devoted as a woman. Now to answer why I wear my ring on the ‘wedding finger, Well, that’s because  I’m married to myself as I owe myself a lot of healing, a lot of love and a lot of self-growth. Marriage is beautiful but I come from a broken family and I’ve learnt to trust nobody, no man, no father, nobody but myself, my mother and my sister. 


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