Racism : My Pain 

Note : Photo taken from the web for this blogpost. 

I love this country. I really do love this country because it gave me a life to live and thrive as an individual but every time I have an opinion about anything, I’m shut out despite being raised here. 

I moved to this country when I was as little as a 4 month old baby. 

Well, I should’ve known better because the locals are right about what they say to me. They remind me that I’m nothing but a resident that can be kicked out of this country anytime. 

Who am I here? I’m just a passing immigrant. Here, I am ridiculed because I am an Indian. Interestingly, In India I am ridiculed because I am a Muslim. Here I’m reminded every time that I’m an Indian first before I’m a Muslim. 

In India I’m reminded every time that I’m a Muslim first before I’m an Indian. 

I can’t live anywhere peacefully…I don’t belong anywhere. I don’t have a home in India but neither do I have any home here. I am just a person that’s blessed by Allah that has enough to survive. Words and the comments of people hurt me enough regarding my nationality and my religion. I still love my culture though and I still do love my religion and I still believe im yet to meet good hearted people that wouldn’t mock at me or tell me off for my nationality or religion just because I raised a question related to the rights of refugees, related to rights of people.

The dua for grieving about your sorrow to your lord, Allah.


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