Coffee Blog : Gloria Jean’s Coffee- Transition 

This place is always busy, I always see people bustling about with cheesecakes, coffee and gossip around. Some are with families and they are trying to talk with their partners while their kids savour the tastes of hot chocolate. It’s a nice place to sit and observe people with a smile. Sometimes, I wonder what state of transition they’re in their lives, I wonder what’s happening with their lives and what secrets may lie behind those smiles. I wonder if the couples I see are newly married, I wonder if the friends I see are busy with preparations of a birthday party or I wonder what are people that are sitting alone are just thinking like me.

Do you think of the world when you’re all alone sipping a cup of coffee? Do you observe and analyse people in your mind’s eye? I know I do and maybe it’s because I think I care. People may find me strange but some may relate to me and understand where I am coming from. God bless everyone that are battling with problems.


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