Missing You 

Even today my heart clenches tight 

I check on you and I wonder if you love me like I do with all my might

I cry even today thinking of you sometimes morning and something night. 

I console myself everyday,  “It’s nothing. Cut those feelings. You know he doesn’t care.”

For if he cared, he’d tell you he did 

But he never cared so he gave you soon a farewell bid. 

Love is so complicated you see? 

Sometimes you wonder if it’s the thought of love you miss the most 

Or whether it is thought of happy memories that haunt your life like a ghost. 

Because I know it’s not really him I miss the most. 

You don’t miss the one that turned your life into regret that severely pained 

That regret and pain of  the love that was never meant to be gained 

Memories of first dates and places. Dead and gone.


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