Demise and Divine. 

Would you care and cry if you heard about my demise? 

Or would you just be in shock and let it go in a minute as a surprise? 

Death can be beautiful when there is nothing left but just artificial 

Life can be filled with waste and people that are just so superficial 

I wonder if the religious chants are true about doomsday 

I wonder when the doomsday is…I heard it’s on a Tuesday?

For if it’s true then I have a word with god to pick or two 

Why life was unfair for those that cried and wailed in pain like animals in a zoo 

Maybe death is a beginning of another journey that is yet to come 

So until then I shall do good and and try to care for people, not many just some. 

Only those that are worthy and want love 

Love similar to an unknown entity that watches us all from above. 


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