We are not stupid. 

People don’t realise that beneath your happy-go-lucky exterior where you happen to socialise with everyone and make jokes with everyone, there lies a solemn expression of depth. An expression that carefully observes everyone’s behaviour. They know who is good for them and who isn’t and they’re not stupid. They will distance you once they find that you’re toxic to their lives so don’t think they’re dumb. We carry our attitudes underneath. We know pain. We know people. We know love. We know care. 

We just pretend when we see people mocking us, often smiling and letting it go away because we want to maintain peace. You will see that we soon cut you off our lives and you won’t even notice it. 

There is no room for toxicity because we have dealt with it in the past. 

People like me aren’t stupid. We just pretend not to notice.


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