My Favorite Mandarin Chinese Song : Leehom : In the depths of the Bamboo Forest

I’ve been listening this song for years and I’ve never got tired of this song. It has such a cultural, hip and a dark rhythm. I love the way the composer of this music has tuned in all the rhythms – foreshadowing a cultural tradition associated with the protection of the forest and it also  composes a certain kind of love. A love that never dies. This love isn’t associated with the love that lovers have – but it is termed generally on the subject of love. This music sends me to a certain kind of hypnotic trance and I absolutely love the feeling that this song gives me! 

(It’s how you feel when you dance to techno/techno music in a club. It’s like as if you’re drunk but you’re drunk to the rhythm of the music)

Bamboo Trees are considered sacred in China. They are moreover connected with the strength of a person that grows them too.

“To stand strong, the bamboo grows and develops its root system for 4 long years, so it can support the whole structure and weight above ground when the day comes.” (Sergeyev,A.) 

Basically, it all starts with the love and sacred promise that you are providing the people around you with. The singer of this song is basically asking, “Do you have what it takes to find your answers in the depth of the bamboo forest?” 

OK now that I have concluded my thought, apart from  way I perceived this song : I LOVE the beat of the music and I love dancing to it! 



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