Reality of People : Genuine People are Hard to Find

Let me begin this thought with :
“In this world, it is a trend to be sweet to people because it is all an act of  bishop mannerism.” 
Everyone is fake. It takes a long time to realize who is genuine and who isn’t. I realized who is truthful and genuine only after I fell into deep financial trouble. The only person that came up to me and hugged me when I spoke about my problems was a classmate and a friend that I had just made from university. She was more genuine that anyone I’ve ever met at university, I was all alone and I wept for days and nights.
It took me a while but I stood up and I pushed myself forward.
I had no money for food. I don’t wish to be sympathized but I’d rather be empathized by people that have gone through the same experience as I have.
People often talk about pain, distress and act like they understand about your pain but honestly, nobody cares unless it’s about their life.
It was mortifying to me to learn about the reality of this world but I have learnt to cope up with everything. I have no expectations and I don’t keep any expectations. If I do help someone, I expect literally nothing in return because tomorrow they will turn their backs and abandon me and I have become so strong that it doesn’t even flinch me anymore.
Repeated exposure to the same distress makes one desensitized towards the behavior of people. I still love idealizing images and happiness inside my head and I like my mendacity. I like my fleeting images of people. People that genuinely love and care. People that do mean what they say.
It wasn’t easy but I made it. I come from a culture that is more or less dependent upon the males of the family and I was dependent on my father that left us hanging. He didn’t take any responsibility and the anguish can be described in many words and this story can go on forever but I shall stop here. I shall cease here because at the end of the day,
I repeat this to myself a million times a day un

 Hitler : He won the hearts of many through his act of decency . 

til I formulate it in my head because that’s how this world works.

That’s how this world works.

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