What is Freedom? 

I was standing still at the traffic and I looked around me. It was around 7:24 in the morning and I peered at the different car windows. Some had a solemn expression while others were fixing their clothes. Some ladies were fixing their makeup too. 

Work I thought. They’re all up early in the morning, ready to work. 

And then I thought about freedom. 

Are we really free ? Are we really free to be who we are and can we really deliver what we are like at a working environment? 

People in Dubai these days talk about the same issues that I’m addressing because it’s the “trending topic” of Dubai. 

It’s trending to act all philosophical or address issues based on materialism. 

It’s trending. 

You will hardly find people that genuinely care. My heart aches for genuine people. 

Suddenly, I see another car that tries to overtake me and now my thoughts come to a standstill – as I’ve been snapped back to my reality. 


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