Review – Einaudi : Experience

Your Task :

Please listen to this melody with your eyes closed and listen to its rhythm of this strong and passionate melody that this wonderful musician has composed :


Did you feel?

Have you ever felt all of your experiences one after the other – the happiness and the sadness all at once when you heard this melody? I know that I did. I cried throughout this entire melody with a certain kind of magnetism, a certain kind of aura and power…It had a hold of my heart when I listened to it.

This composer makes his music from his soul and I wholeheartedly appreciate this wonderful musician because we need musicians like him. We need people that compose melodies that touches our soul, that helps us to empathize with people, with depth and with feelings. I think that everyone must listen to a wonderful composer like Einaudi,  just to make us regain our touch with our feelings again. Just to make us Human again. Just to make us realize that we are all humans that have experiences both happy and sad which come to an abrupt end until they start again. We are not different from each other despite coming from various nationalities, cultures and background. We all cry. We all rejoice. We all have families. We have ways through which we express our emotions. Some bottle them up until their last breath while others speak about it openly to the world. Nobody is different. We are all one. 

My mind just boils with a certain mixture of an awe that I can’t describe when I listen to this melody – it is nostalgic. It is very nostalgic. All the events just flip in my mind’s eye one by one like a flashback. A flashback of deep sadness and happiness : Memories that made me who I am today.

About the composer : 

Ludovico Einaudi is a renowned Italian pianist and composer and he was trained in Milan by Luciano Berio in the 1980’s. More information can be found on his official homepage :


Note : I suggest you all check him out and I highly recommend him!
I love his music and I am a huge fan of him! 



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