Daddy,why didn’t you love me?

Note : Photo for this blog post is taken from the web.  

Daddy,daddy,daddy; I cried as a baby girl, running to you with my arms open wide. 

Funny how you looked the other way and push me to the other side 

Daddy,Daddy,Daddy; I came to you as a secondary student, hoping you will be happy that I stood first in my class 

Strange how you mocked at me and stated that I was ugly and I was comparable to dead grass. 

Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, You left me, mama and my sister
Leaving us stranded, leaving us to our own devices and with nowhere to go
Funny how you apologized that one last time, forcing me to be independent in a peculiar way and maybe that’s how I could grow…

My daughter, my daughter, my daughter; you came to me one day 

I need you now more than ever 

Why? Because you are broke and now you want my love and dedication, but I tell you never ever 

Daddy,daddy,daddy don’t you see? 

You destroyed my life and I did not even need a rifle 

You are an asshole, dear daddy ; I grew up today without a daddy who was never there for his daughter throughout her lifecycle. 

I hate you daddy , I really do! I will cry one last time for you 

Now you finally know how I feel, don’t you? 

Never come back dear daddy because I may shoot you and myself,

 I am done with you and I will walk alone, I do not need anyone else.


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