5 Golden Rules of Life 

Note : The photo for this blogpost has been taken from the web.

To my beautiful readers , no matter how many of us talk and preach about the ideal world…there are certain things one must keep in mind

  1. Do not show your weakness
  2. Do not show you are desperate
  3. Do not show that you are depressed
  4.  Do not show you are vulnerable

5. Only disclose your weakness with the ones that you truly trust and believe in. I would highly suggest this person to be your immediate family member such as your mother or your sibling/siblings.

The above four signs are signs of ‘negative energy’ and most people will walk away from you. It doesn’t matter if you are close friends with them or not – you need to maintain your dignity and standard with utmost perseverance and rigidity.

Lastly, Use your pain and vulnerability into a determination of overcoming your obstacle. To be honest, There are no options in the face of pain and defeat – the only option is survival and overcoming the pain.  

Remember :

“Nobody likes to hear your stories of grief. They are only interested in your stories of success.”


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