Thoughts : Darwinism in Everyday Life

Rushing to gain the parking spot :

I was stuck at a traffic jam at the mall parking trying to get a parking spot and I suddenly identified with the rush of people. I saw the chaos and how drivers were screaming and blowing the horns of their car to one another. Nobody was capable of waiting in the queue because they were all in a rush! They all wanted their place. Their spot.

I finally discerned on the absurdity of us humans. It is ludicrous to note on how we are capable of immense empathy and also massive destruction! We are all rushing and competing with each other even at the smallest issues in life ; such as getting a parking spot and some of us even fight with one another for the parking spot. 


So How is it Darwinism?

Everyone is waiting. Everyone is chasing. Everyone fights for the limited resource and in this case, the limited resource here is the PARKING SPOT. It is all about who gets in first and who is more competent as a driver too.

Conclusion : Survival of the fittest analogy with the parking spot example- that can be fitted with Darwin’s theory of evolution. 

This is one mayhem of a world we live in. Sometimes it is in this chaos you need to find your place before someone tries to run you over. Real world is not friendly.



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