Thoughts : Stop Praying and Start Acting. 

This beautiful mosque in Dubai made me speculate on religion and also provoked a question inside of me. 

A lot of us Muslims pray, we pray because we want to get closer to god and we fear to be ‘barbecued’ in the blazing fires of hell. We commit to charity because we are told to do so as it is a pillar of Islam. Now, I love God. I love God because I know he loves me as he is giving me a chance everyday to redeem myself from my past miseries. But how can you pray and have an evil heart that wishes bad on someone? That becomes jealous of someone else’s happiness? 

How can you pray when you have a heart that is so cruel and evil? 

How do you expect on getting admittance to even a world such as heaven after your death if you lack empathy? Religion teaches us to do good for our humans. It tries to teach you empathy by loving god and doing everything for god. Learn to empathize. Learn to have a kind heart, if you have a cold heart then you can always pray to god that you try to have one or try to help people in any form which will eventually develop you to have a loving heart. Small steps always make a big role in learning empathy. 

Remember that, Prayer is not enough.


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