Thoughts : Numbers and Human Contradiction 

We calculate our worth with numbers such as 2 or 9 but even when we calculate our worth through our numbers, we are a Contradiction. How? Well a little kid that secures the second place is applauded and congratulated more than the kid that secures the ninth place. Now you will ask me how are we a contradiction? Well a person with 2 dollars is considered less wealthy than the person with 9 dollars. 

Does that make sense to you?

Aren’t we funny? Aren’t we all funny as humans? We built this system of being chained up and then we end up following the system that has chained us up. We fail to recognize the value and worth of talents and people in general.  Food for thought but then again, it’s just a debatable topic that can be visited and spoken about again and again…without any result in the end.

We built this system of freedom through rules. We built it. Nobody else but us.


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