Thoughts : Analogy of Empty Chairs with Human Anticipation – Waiting 

In the midst of the gloomy blue light , I saw an open bench with chairs and tables. I felt a sense of nostalgia and you may ask why? Well, the empty chairs depicts a sense of waiting. Waiting of who? Now that depends upon how you look at it. Empty chairs may represent a long waiting for a dear friend or maybe a lover or even a family. It may represent a sense of festivity, socializing with your loved ones as you sit next to each other and talk about your day but it may also represent a sense of dismay. A sense of brokenness without any repair if you’re just waiting for someone and that someone doesn’t come along. 

So I ask you to not wait for anyone, enjoy your own company. 

Meanwhile, you always have your family to cherish. But always remember to enjoy your solitude light and do what you enjoy until that special friend or a lover comes along. 


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