Thoughts : Yoghurts are healthy! – or are they? 

They say that there is healthy goodness in every bite of yogurt. Frozen yoghurt tart is a great way of treating yourself to a treat instead of relying on fattening icecreams but then again, is this just a scam by labeling yoghurts like pink berry as ‘healthy?’ Oh well. 

Considering the yoghurt that I have from pink berry are really sweetening and they taste similar to an icecream. Sweeteners are NOT considered to be good for your body. 

Please check the link below for the possible side effects of sweeteners:

Advertisements work in different ways but they get to me and persuade me well. There are several tricks that advertisers use to appeal to the consumers especially when it comes to food advertising. 

Food advertising agencies project food as ‘healthy’ by coining terms. One of the most infamous terms is 

Low fat” 

(I call it infamous because it honestly does not help you in reducing weight) 

Thus, be informed and be aware that the advertisers use a lot of psychology to whim the consumers towards their products. 


Hence, be an informed consumer and be careful! 


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