Mixed feelings of Gratitude and Apprehension – An Open note of Thankyou to my University : The American University of Sharjah

Note: Photo of 'The American University of Sharjah' has been taken from the web

Scattered Thoughts on Graduating :

I don’t know if I am even happy to learn that I have graduated from university as I identify myself as a mature adult. An adult that has a lot of responsibilities over her shoulders, sigh.

I wish I was like other girls of my age that were worried about trivial issues of life…I was like them…until life hit me down real hard on aspects that range from family to personal life.

I am thankful to Allah (God) that I have graduated on time. With all honesty, The analogy of my life can be compared to one BIG roller-coaster and sometimes, it is really hard to stay strong and focused. To all those that are reading my thoughts, I just want to let you know that : 

You don’t know my story in detail, you don’t know what I have been through and I won’t speak about it because I have noted the response of people when I briefly shared about my problems. 
The bottom line is that Nobody cares. Keep your business to yourself. I learnt this concept very well during my time on  the university premises as well. People only care about the stories of your success not the stories of your pain. Nobody wants to see you successful. 
IF they know your stories of pain, some may show pity and  expect you to stay miserable. They would question you the next minute if you are trying to get your thoughts together, being happy and are trying to enjoy your life. 
The moral? Learn to protect yourself first.

Moving Forward in Life :

It has been real hard to pick up my pieces and move forward but I have. My time at AUS has helped me to move forward because it kept me busy with work. It kept challenging me to move forward. Despite the fact that I am still me, as an individual with almost the same personality; I have learned to be private. I think I have become too mature and  I have changed so much that I can’t even recognize myself. 

But this change is good. This change has made me more disciplined and cautious for the better.

I was inspired to keep pushing forward every minute of my day at AUS. 

I learnt a lot and my perspectives have changed completely; the past few months have been an eye opener. Real world is not friendly.

 My life at this university has helped me to change my viewpoint on life. It has motivated me to be a strong, independent and a feminist lady with a vision of higher education and hope for a better tomorrow.

I thank all my professors because they have motivated a lot with their pep talks in the office. They empathized with me and with all honesty :

This year has been extremely tough on me. Extremely tough.

Maybe this is one of the reasons behind my high CGPA during my final semester at this university. On a peculiar note, this has been my highest grade point average from all the semesters at this University. I had to focus because this semester, I found happiness at school.

Final Thought :

Thank you AUS, Thank you for the people,lessons, happiness,tears,memories and most importantly : Discipline and a vision of ambition.
Thank you Allah, I know you love me and you haven’t stopped loving me, Thank you for opening my eyes.

Adios, AUS! You have equipped me with  a lot of strength and wisdom that has helped me better in facing challenges of life. Thankyou for everything! I am forever an AUSer in my heart and thoughts!


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