Thoughts : Traffic signals and People in my rear-view mirror 

So, a lingering feeling of nostalgia arises inside me whenever I drive my car, checking my rear view mirror at the people that are driving behind me.

Often this occurs to me when I am at a traffic signal. 

In the midst of nodding and frolicking my head back and forth to the rhythm of the music that I play on the radio, I suddenly have a solemn face.

A solemn face that is now distracted in my overthinking and overanalysing thoughts. I check twice at the troubled person who is parked behind me at the traffic signal and I wonder about their day.

Are they happy? Are they going through a breakdown? Are they just having a bad day?

I gather my thoughts about them momentarily and the signal goes green.

And I drive away , thinking and I hoping that they were well and happy in their lives.

I conclude my thought with the following set of words :

Same path, Different journeys, Different destinations. 


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