Coffee Diaries : There is something about Coffee 

There is something about coffee. The word coffee is a powerful word that holds business deals among people. Moreover, it has a lightening impact on young impressionable couples that meet each another for the first time. Why?

Because we always ask over a cup of coffee. How? Let me state a  sentence that we all use in our daily lives so that you get a better idea on what I’m trying to say :

“Let’s meet over a cup of coffee.” 

This powerful sentence makes or breaks people together. It binds people together. Coffee is a PERSUASIVE word. A word used today to persuade people to agree with what you have to say and how do you do that?

By asking them to meet you for a cup of coffee!

We always talk about our issues to people or hold business deals over ‘a cup of coffee.

Therefore, Coffee is fascinating. Indeed it is. 


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