Thoughts : (Music) Love me Now – John Legend

Above is a wonderful video and song by the musician John Legend, a song called as “Love me now” – that is primarily based on Human relationships.

The lyrics and the video that captures all the love depicted in the various cultures here is heart-touching. Despite the fact that we all come from different cultures, with different perceptions on many aspects of life such as clothing, food or language :

We all view love the same way. 

The lyrics of the song gave me a sense of love, sadness and warmth and the expressions used in this video can be identified with the entire globe as it has used all the snippets of emotions of different individuals from different cultures.

And just like the message of uncertainty is conveyed in the video, it is true that we do not know what will come to us tomorrow. We do not know who will we love tomorrow and whom are we going to lose again in life.

The lyrics of the song keep resonating back to me like a beautiful wave that washes over a sea-shore multiple times…

The music and the melody of this video makes me want to accept all of my sadness in my past as a reward and an appreciation towards human life and relationships.

We all keep changing and growing as individuals and we never know when that moment comes when we fall out of love or grow out of our romantic relationships.

It reminds me of the famous quote by Dr.Seuss :

“Don’t cry because it is over, Smile because it happened.” 

Some of the wonderful lines of the song are as follows :-

“Something inside us knows that Nothing is guaranteed” 

“Turn evil into good” 

“For a perfect kind of love, it could all fall apart” 

“I know it will kill me when it is over” 

“I don’t know who is going to kiss you when I am gone so I am going to love you now”

“I know it will kill me when it is over, I don’t want to think about it, I want you to love me now” 

Such is life and the cycle of a human relationship. We never know what will last and what won’t.


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