Thoughts : Human Loss in War and Learning Empathy

The above photo used for this article is taken from this website article :

Above you see Syrian women mourning over the loss of their loved ones. It is sad and depressing. Depressing topics often are the first events that one turns their heads away from because it is not something that is happening to them. It is happening to the Syrian people. 

We complain so much on first-world problems and here are some of the following examples of our first-world problems and issues as follows :

  • You cry over a bad grade on your paper, There is a child that cries for being cut off from their means of a decent education.
  • You cry over a friend that back-stabs and leaves you, There is a child that cries over their friend that has been killed.
  • You cry over a boyfriend/husband that has left you, There is a woman that has had her family killed in front of her eyes.
  • You cry and get annoyed over an occasional flu that can be fixed with some antibiotics, There is a child that is being operated in Syria without ANESTHESIA

Silly, Silly humans. We complain about the most pathetic of the first-world problems.
We can cope up with silly fears of abandonment that happens to most humans in everyday life as we have access to Cognitive Therapy.

Do you honestly think that the Syrian women have access to Cognitive Therapy and other doctors? No.

Moreover, Can you also cope up with the fact of someone that was once dear to you being killed in front of your eyes?
Would you not want them to live and be happy in their lives irrespective of what went wrong between the two of you?
Friends or an Intimate relationship?
Of-course you do. Do you honestly think women in Syria have those means?
No. They don’t. In-fact they are dependent upon their husbands as a means of their survival and livelihood.
Learn to be empathetic. You think you are safe in the closures of your mansion and what is happening to them can’t happen to you?
Remember, they did not think that this would happen to them either.
It can happen to you if a war breaks out all of a sudden and you find yourself being entitled to the identity of a refugee.

Learn to appreciate. Your trials of pain are nothing compared to theirs. Nothing.


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