Operation without Anesthesia on a child : The cries of Aleppo 

This video that you see here is a video of a child that recites the verses of the Holy Quran while being operated without Anesthesia.This is a recent video that was broadcasted on a Turkish news channel and this has mitigated and provoked the emotions of the reporters on the channel as well as you can see here in the above video.

The basic question that arises in one’s mind :


The logical answer  would be several and here is a few that can be mentioned as follows:-

  • The lack of Medical help, instruments and other devices that are needed by doctors out there.
  • The lack of assistance to the people out there.

An important underlying  factor to all that is happening would be : People are desensitized to violence that is present within media.

The distraught and the cries of help in Aleppo has severely desensitized humans throughout the world. Violence and Torture that is seen on television has severely diminished the empathetic volume among us Humans.

“Viewing television violence can subsequently numb people’s reactions when they face real life aggression” (Thomas et al.,1977)

“In one experiment, researchers measures the physiological responses of young men while they were watching a rather brutal and bloody boxing match. Those who had watched a lot of TV n their daily lives seemed relatively indifferent to the mayhem in the ring ; that is, they showed little physiological evidence of excitement, anxiety or, other arousal. They were UNMOVED by violence.” (Cline,Croft, & Courier, 1973).

What can we do in order to help the victims of Syria? What can we do so that we ultimately try to strive back as empathetic individuals who feel and love our fellow human beings?

We CAN VOLUNTEER! We can experience what they feel by Volunteering and by helping them through several organizations that donate them with money,

I strongly suggest that Volunteering is a better option and below is the link for Volunteering :


Why do you think VOLUNTEERING helps us to be more empathetic towards our fellow human beings?

Below is the link that will tell you why it helps –


I would like to conclude my short-self awareness article on the awareness of the plight of our people as a whole world by stating the following by Horace Menn :

“Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves.”



Source of this information  : https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2421225/boy-head-surgery-no-anaesthesia-aleppo-syria/




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