Coffee Diaries – Introduction : My Addiction to Coffee

“I’m hooked on you. I need a kiss , I can fix it. Just one more hit,  I promise I can deal with it.” – Kelly Clarkson -Addicted (Song)

Coffee is indeed a strong addiction that I’ve been coping with since the past few years. It can be fascinating  and strange for the people that view me as a coffee addict! Why? Because I drink my coffee really strong and black with no sugar!

I feel like drinking coffee is like sitting close to a dear old friend where we speak no words but nod with a sense of appreciation.

With all honesty,

 I think drinking Coffee is like getting an invisible hug from someone very special! 

The warmth that captures you when you drink it. The sweet warmth! You might think I’m exaggerating but this is exactly how I feel towards my coffee!

Ah! It is just a habit and a cycle I can’t break.

To those that find me queer for my habit of drinking my Americano-I only have one statement :





 it’s better than being addicted to something too unhealthy like a toxic relationship or drugs right?

Haha! Happy coffeeing!



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