“What will they say?”

“I can’t do it”, she wailed in pain 

Although she knew that she had to endure it to gain 

“They all laugh at me!” she snorted, taking back her tears 

But did she knew that they didn’t want her to start because of their fears 

For they knew that she had a lot of potential 

And they knew that there are others that will encourage her for her beautiful thoughts that were tangential 

“Remember my dear”, her mother hugged her as she cried

“Always follow your passion 

For there will be people that want you to open the door for them to bash in. 

But don’t let their words get to you ever 

Because then their poisonous words will make you catch a fever. 

Just do what you want to do 

The right crew will always applause you with delight like as if they’ve tasted chocolate fondue.”

Note : The picture used here for this blog post is from the web.

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