Thoughts : The ambiguity of pain and loss. 

“You may lose your friendships. You may lose your lover. You may lose everything for fighting with people for the wrong things they’ve said and done to you. Fighting for their respect. Fighting for their love. Fighting for what you believe in. It’s easy to stay silent and nod to everything that’s said and it’s harder to be alone and fight with people for what you believe in what’s right. If they don’t respect you then let them go. 

If they don’t love you then let them go. If they don’t care for what you believe in then let them go. Nobody is perfect. I agree to that. I think we should adjust with everyone’s imperfections. If you can’t handle their imperfections and want to criticise them for their flaws then you have self esteem issues. Cut those negative people off your life. You shouldn’t be a doormat for anyone. I’ve loved and lost people that weren’t my family. Did I love them like family? Yes. So do I regret losing them? Not really because if they were worth my time; I would have been fighting for them until this day had I been so wrong and unjust. At the end of the day, as the saying goes : it’s better to be alone than to be with the wrong company.”


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